Monday, June 23, 2008

New to blogging so a few thoughts...

I have enjoyed reading many other blogs and have been very interested in starting my own. Do I really think that I am an interesting enough person for you to read my thoughts? Maybe. I am a primary computer teacher and to see my website visit this link. I am big into using SMARTBoards in the primary classroom and have done many trainings with teachers in the Waupaca, WI school district.

I have many interests with some being related to technology in education. I use Macintosh computers at the 2 schools I teach at and a pc at home. Over the summer I am learning the new Leopard operating system and the newest versions of iMovie, iDVD and garageband. Also, I am learning how to podcast and how to make animated movies using storytelling Alice.

Other things I like to do include discussing liberal politics, vegetable and flower gardening, reading novels for pleasure and spending time with my family. I am happily married for more than 20 years and have twin sons in college and a daughter in high school. I have 2 indoor/outdoor cats and a very sweet shih tzu named Tiki. She has kayaked with me and is my constant companion.
A new artist that I discovered and really like is Lizz Wright. Her music is hauntingly beautiful.


  1. Wow!! You really left a nice blog.
    Have you done this before?

  2. I'm looking for a good novel to read on my summer vacation. Any suggestions?

  3. Heidi, Your blog was so interesting to read and visually pleasant to look at. I want to thank you so much for all your help today. You are very well versed in so many things concerning technology. Lucky for me and you are so willing to share and help anyone. In your blog you mention some of your interests and they are so varied. I wonder how you manage to do it all. I wish you well with your quest this summer exploring i-movie, garageband and others.

  4. Hi-
    Great start! I love the reminders to yourself.

    I've listened to Lizz Wright since '03. She's great!

    SMARTboards are the way to go. My district just sent to of us to the trainer training for Notebook 10.

    If you like version 6 of iMovie, I would advise staying wih it. Version 7 is not the best.

  5. Great start you gave a good view of what is important to you and how you feel about what you do.I have always felt you are interesting and someone to learn from. Thats why i married you.