Thursday, February 24, 2011


Students came to my computer one at a time in first and second grade during their class period. They dictated to me what they would do if they were president in honor of President's Day on February 21st. This was typed out by me and then printed out as a class page.

Grouping and Grazing is the website that kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students are using this week and next. This is an active learning website which requires concentration and active participation in order to complete the learning objectives. Kindergarteners this week had to complete five problems (earn 5 barns) on the count by 5's and count by 10's activities. The first and second grade students did those plus the Add activity.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lessons the week of February 14th - 18th

This week the kindergarten students are using Pixie 2. They will be typing in a speech bubble, "There is only one of me and I love you!" Next they will take a webcam picture of themselves so it looks like they are saying these words. Finally they will use the shape tool to make a border of hearts within the frame.

The first and second grade students are going to be using to be balancing equations. They are working with a partner and each making an equation to equal 10. Once they have balanced the scale ten times the second graders are moving up to the number 25, then 50 and finally 75. The first grade students are starting with the number 5, then moving to 10 then to 15 and finally 20.

February 7-11th lessons

The 100th day of school was this past Friday and the students had activities relating to this very important number. We stamped 100 stamps in Pixie 2 and then after counting by 10's and saying the pattern to the teacher we visited 2 websites.
Students had to find the numbers that are on the white rectangle in the hundreds chart. We did not worry about the timer.
Students type in the missing numbers to 100.

First and second grade were introduced to the different parts of a friendly letter and then typed a one to their homeroom teacher.

Behind 2 weeks :D

Though I had good intentions to blog each week on the lessons that my students are doing, I am behind 2 weeks. So goes my busy life I guess. The cold, (bitter cold -20's overnight and highs during the day reaching 0) was making it hard for me to function in a productive and positive way. I have a 2 credit class that I am taking online that is also time consuming and other competing interests in my life. So it goes... Onto the lessons :D

The week of January 31st:
Kindergarten students used 3 different websites. We used in the Road to Reading to get more phonics practice with letters V, W, Z, and J. We did the lesson with counting fish. Students had 3 levels to make their way through. Finally we did the Place Value lesson again with the marshmallows and the bear from the week before.

First and second grade this week did a lesson in Pixie 2 in which they typed in clues to reveal to their classmates to guess who they were. On a second page the students took a webcam picture of themselves and stapled it behind the clues.