Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I won't run a marathon or be in a beauty contest...

Four months ago I started down the road to better physical health. You might be asking what does this post have to do with technology in education. I will get to that in a moment. I am like most teachers dedicated to helping others succeed and learn in life. Often times this means neglecting or not paying attention as closely as one should to our own health. This can become something that is a minor or major problem down the road. If I look around in the school environment, staff and students are more overweight and sicker than ever before. This is costing us lots of money as a society and we need to get proactive in changing it.

Like many people, I have lots of excuses for not doing what I should for better health. I have lots of reasons to do things to be healthier too. I made a commitment and I decided to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise. This is much easier said than done. I am good for a month or two but then generally lose my drive. I found a website Sparkpeople, that appealed to my need for accountability. This website is a dream for those of us that like technology. The philosophy is being healthy and it is customized by you, for you. It is easy, similar to weight watchers and is free. It automatically looks up calories for food, lets you know how many calories you burn exercising, gives you nutrition information...all with a click or two of the mouse. I have been exercising on my stationary bike and walking. I eat better and feel good. If I am honest about it, I am looking better (vain, I know) too.

My family is along for the ride too. We have for the first time diet food in the house. I look at labels and buy low fat, low sugar foods. I am cooking differently as well. These are good changes and I look forward to continuing the journey to wellness.

The Sparkpeople website made it easier for me to stick with something that is a challenge. I am not a nutritionist or a physical trainer. I am just me- a wife, mother, teacher, friend, concerned person on this planet who is trying to lead a healthier life. I won't be running in a marathon or winning a beauty pageant but I can be prioritizing me in regard to health and wellness.