Friday, April 2, 2010

Judging others- Who me?

I was skyping with my son about what I think are important topics. Marriage, divorce, relationships, work, job satisfaction, money, belief systems, education, good choices...In the conversation I had a small aha moment- a little revelation about myself that I will share. I feel a bit embarrassed about this because prejudice and judgments have a negative connotation to them.
I judge people based on how they treat others. I am not proud or feeling good or bad about this - it is what it is. I think that there are things about how we treat others that say something about the person on the inside that we would never know about them in a casual sort of way.

If you are a true friend- you are honest and have regard for that person. You can agree to disagree with someone and still have respect for them as a human being. Because this individual has integrity and speaks with their deeds in a way that is supportive and not out of spite, it is easier to listen to the truth. We are lucky indeed if we have found a mate that is our true friend. This does not mean that we will always get along or have peace and harmony. Not sweating the small stuff that really does not matter in the big scheme of things is a good relationship lesson :)

When I see patience, understanding, kindness, and a general regard and respect for others I think very highly of that individual even though we might not agree on very many other things that are integral in life.
The opposite is also true for me. I am annoyed, put off and at times downright angry when people are disrespectful, impatient with others, mean or self important- even if we might agree on some very important aspects of life.

So yes, I do judge others- as prejudice as that might sound :P