Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Behind 2 weeks :D

Though I had good intentions to blog each week on the lessons that my students are doing, I am behind 2 weeks. So goes my busy life I guess. The cold, (bitter cold -20's overnight and highs during the day reaching 0) was making it hard for me to function in a productive and positive way. I have a 2 credit class that I am taking online that is also time consuming and other competing interests in my life. So it goes... Onto the lessons :D

The week of January 31st:
Kindergarten students used 3 different websites. We used Literactive.com in the Road to Reading to get more phonics practice with letters V, W, Z, and J. We did the ABCYa.com lesson with counting fish. Students had 3 levels to make their way through. Finally we did the Place Value lesson again with the marshmallows and the bear from the week before.

First and second grade this week did a lesson in Pixie 2 in which they typed in clues to reveal to their classmates to guess who they were. On a second page the students took a webcam picture of themselves and stapled it behind the clues.

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