Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Technology Access to Access the Technology

Blocked * Access Denied* Blocked * Access Denied* Blocked

This afternoon I walked into the teachers lounge and saw a new poster on the wall explaining what a great 21st century teacher does. The poster had ideas like using blogs, web 2.0 tools and much more related to integrating technology in your teaching. As I read the poster I smiled because these ideas really are terrific. A poster like this in the lounge must mean that the principal was in agreement. The crux is that you have to have technology access to access the technology. My experience is that there are many good intentioned individuals that have made decisions that hinder access rather than assist in this endeavor. Without true technology access, it is nearly impossible to be an integrated 21st century school.

Computer labs in schools are one place that teachers would like to bring their classes on a regular basis. With so many classes wanting to do this, scheduling your classes to work on a project becomes a nightmare. In many school districts bandwidth is a huge issue and downloads of any substantial size are too taxing to the network. In other schools decisions are made to block sites and web 2.0 tools that have the potential to put our students in possible danger. Digital cameras and software programs that classes need are financially or physically out of reach.

The solutions are not easy or inexpensive. In an ideal 21st century school, students and teachers alike could have the tools that they need for learning in this ever changing world. For now, many teachers would settle for access on the web to the sites and web 2.0 tools that their students should be taking advantage of.

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  1. Lab scheduling is not an easy thing at my school either. I agree with much of what you wrote. Well stated.