Saturday, January 10, 2009

When it works...

A teacher never knows how their week may go. Often times a teachers best plans are scrapped on Monday or reworked at the very least. There are so many reasons why this happens and some of these are very worthwhile and student led. Others reasons that our planning goes awry are because of circumstances beyond the teachers lesson planning vision. A good teacher has to be flexible and rework and sometimes teach by the seat of her pants :) as the expression goes. It is what those teachable moments are for. And yet, I hope as most of my fellow teachers do, that my lesson plans can be my guide for the week to get us where we need to go by the end of the school year.

It is very rare that you have a fantastic week- one in which your lessons are right on, the students are attentive and showing interest and excitement and that the unscheduled interruptions are nonexistent. This happened to me this last week. I had a my kindergartners beginning a "Color"(see previous post) project in Pixie 2. It was just at their level- not too easy and not too hard. When you can have both ends of the learning spectrum succeed in your classroom, you know that it is a great lesson/project! My first and second grade classes completed their joke/riddle projects after working a month or more on them. This project was interrupted for these students by many holidays, vacation days and just general school stuff. It feels great to have it done!

I know not to expect too many more days like this let alone a week, but for now, I am feeling terrific- basking in the successes of the week. I hope that if you are an educator reading this that you can have a week like mine very soon.


  1. "I know not to expect too many more days like this let alone a week."

    Go in and expect it. Tell them you expect it. 1st thing Monday tell them how wonderful it was!!

  2. I will let my fellow educators know what a great week it was. It is nice to share when things work.