Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thoughts on staying positive

It is true that a positive attitude makes a huge difference in how a person feels and how others perceive us. Some people have naturally a sunny disposition and see the glass as half full. Others that we know have a scowl and a prickly attitude that tends to make it harder to connect with them.
Because a blog by its very nature is a narcissistic activity I will share with you that I am generally a pretty positive person by nature. Small things rarely get me upset. My attitude has been why waste time being negative about little things that you can't change? Things like missing an appointment, losing something irreplaceable, breaking something or being late have never made me upset. People are more important than things. I tried to raise my kids and treat others keeping this in mind. Life is too short to get upset with all the monkey wrenches that are thrown my way. There are however minutes, hours and yes even days in which I have meltdowns. This week, I had one of those days. It was my birthday and I was missing my boys, the internet was not working at home, the remodeling was at a standstill, summer was winding down and plenty more little things had built up in my head.
None of us can stay positive all the time. You would not be human if you did. We can hope that something good can come from the negative. I found out once again that I had caring family members and a network of online friends and relatives that would be there to lend an ear and show they cared.
The next morning I found out that a young teacher I work with with ovarian cancer had just entered hospice. This quickly put my trials and tribulations in perspective.
Life is just like that- fleeting and full of emotions of all kinds. I am going to keep moving forward thinking positive but realize that negative stuff happens too.

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