Sunday, January 31, 2010

forcing crocus

About this time every year I get the itch. I want it to be spring. I am tired of winter. This past November I bought 2 dozen crocus bulbs on clearance for $2 at the grocery store. One never knows how deals like this will turn out. I do have a green thumb and not because I pay lots of attention to my plants. I pay just enough attention to them and they thrive. But I digress. About a month ago I put gravel into these containers, water and the bulbs. They are sitting under a cfl bulb along with basil plants I started from seed. They get water every other day or so and are coming along nicely. This is the first time I have tried this. I am hoping for lovely flowers by the end of February. I will update again with a picture if/when they bloom :)

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  1. Heidi: Fun to read (and see photos) of you and yours. David G