Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a thought about winter

For the past week or so I have taken a break from updating this blog. I am not a daily photographer- never was and most likely never will be. I thought perhaps that the challenge would be of interest to me. This time of year is not my favorite. I hope to photograph more outdoor things when the weather is warmer.

Winter is tiring- driving, dressing for the is not my season. I can appreciate its beauty but it is enough now. I am ready for spring, longer daylight and warmer days.

There is nothing profound to say about this. I can feel in my body this yearning and desire for growing plants, migratory birds flying north and no ice (except in my drink) and melting snow. I want to go on walks again and not feel the biting winds. In a short time, spring will be here, followed by summer and fall. When winter comes again, I will wish for it to be over soon.


  1. A thought.. All things must rest and recreate, such is winter. Grab a hot cup of tea, fuzzy blanket and think of love and warm hugs. R

  2. I told my class yesterday that while I appreciate the beauty of winter, I like it more in December when it's new. Now? I'm craving spring. Already. Tell the groundhog, please.