Friday, June 25, 2010

Ups and Downs

It has been weeks since my last blog post. Let's be real, it has been months since the last post :P We are now at the end of June and I want to reflect on this spring.
For a time I was in the midst of proctoring MAP tests and was caught up in the assessment wheel of education. This would have been a mixed topic to blog about. On the one hand the students did well so this is good news, on the other hand, the testing is stressful. So much rides on the scores and the assessment is really not matched yet to our curriculum. Hence valuable instruction time is spent on getting students ready for the skills tested.
On a professional note, I volunteered and then was voted into a 2 year executive board member position of the Uniserve Council that my school district is served by. I had been serving as the representative from the district and now I have increased accountability. I have an interest in serving on the political action committee so we will see how things progress.
This spring I decided to get into better physical health with changing my eating and exercise habits. It has been a really good journey thus far. I went online and found a community of like minded people to inspire and share with. If you have any interest at all in doing this I would recommend Sparkpeople It is similar to Weight Watchers but free and has so much information and cool things to help you keep track of your health. I have learned a lot and have stayed motivated and lost 18 pounds so far. I eat better and exercise daily. I feel good!
I hope that your summer is off to a good start and I promise to post again much sooner.

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