Saturday, March 23, 2013

I need to listen better

I have a sore hip~ I have diagnosed myself with a hip flexor strain. I am taking some time off of exercising and running and doing RICE. If I let my hip heal and then strengthen it with exercises and come back slowly, I should be as good as before and pain free.
This is a reminder that I am not invincible and that I can be too stubborn and push myself harder than what I should. These are not the first time that these lessons are knocking me down. It is hard to have sympathy for someone who does not listen very well. I am serious when I say that I am going to try harder to not be quite as pigheaded and listen to how my body is feeling so that I can get back to running without pain sooner rather than later. I have a half marathon in 6 weeks and I want to be ready :) I can do it!

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