Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mandate from the President: No Paper Day/Week

I had an epiphany the other evening while brushing my teeth and participating a plurk radio program hosted by Kevin Honeycutt. We were discussing how do we get technology to be used effectively in the classroom. We shared ideas for teacher development and the role that administrators take in leading the charge.

Most people don't want to be left behind as the world is changing around them. We want to use best practices for our students. TIME to learn and support when problems occur tend to be the reasons(excuses?) why technology integration is not happening at the pace we would like it too.

I thought wouldn't it be interesting for the our new president to designate a day or a week that no paper can be used in education? It would really upset the apple cart but it would be an opportunity for students and teachers alike to change how we teach and learn. More hands on activities would need to be planned. We would go on community field trips. We would use our computers for online collaboration and communication. The possibilities are endless! It is a bold action and vision but one that would reap rewards that I think are immeasurable.

We have so many "special" days and weeks that are put into the calendar. I think my idea could take off. I don't know how to get it done but I am putting it out there for others to think about.

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  1. Our principal was venting on how no one seems to copy on th eback of old paper. One aide spoke up and pointed out that I do it a lot!! She keeps a box of "oops" papers just for me. It can be done; it takes a little though and a little time.