Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When it goes right!

I have been witness to a few incidents this week that have been extraordinary. We as teachers need to be reminded that our efforts are paying off. At times it seems like we are pushing that boulder up the mountain only to see it fall down the other side. Sometimes the effort that we put forth pays out in rewards that we can see. Other times our efforts are never seen by us.

The following was shared with me. It is truly a wonderful thing to witness. A student that had been unwilling to work for their primary teacher in the classroom has had a complete turnaround and is showing tremendous effort and enthusiasm for learning. Another student that has worked very diligently but the school work has been difficult a has had a breakthrough and the concepts are clearer. It makes your heart feel glad, your body jump for joy with excitement and your tired mind renewed with enthusiasm for teaching.

We need to celebrate and remember these times because teaching is challenging for many reasons. We are here for the students. Our reasons for getting into education are many and the daily grind does not often allow us to step back and see our students progress. Keep at it!

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  1. I had a breakthrough in understanding a kiddo recently. She'd slid backward in attitude and motivation. We found out her mom had just had a baby: the girl wasn't sleeping well because the baby work her at night. Suddenly it all makes sense!