Thursday, February 25, 2010

Late to the form! 2nd grade quiz

There are so many excellent applications to do with students that can be integrated into the curriculum. I stumbled upon one that has been around for a few months (a year?) or longer and tried it this week.

I have made a google form for the 2nd grade classes I teach. It is very easy to make and an excellent tool that I will use on other occasions. I had taken surveys that other professionals had done using google forms but this was my first attempt at trying it myself. You need a gmail account to do this. I simply made a link to the form and put it on the website that I use for teaching every day. I accessed the results back in my google documents immediately and print them out for the classroom teacher to review with their classes if they would like. There are so many uses for a form that really your imagination is the limit!

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  1. Heidi I took time to reread Katys speech for Wash DC It is so honest, heart breaking, struggle speech, no wonder they chose her to speak. Hooray for our Katy