Monday, March 8, 2010

Where do we go from here?

Gloom and doom! Entire staff are being fired from schools. Layoffs of teachers and support staff for economic reasons in the United States are being realized every day. The economic divide is increasing with more children living in poverty than ever before which effects their learning and their future. Throwing money at schools is not the answer and neither is major education reform. We have to think about education in a more broad way. Education is a part of our society and culture. There has got to be a bright side to all of the negatives.
I would like to see real critical thinking about how to change fundamentally our society. It is true that the powers that be (government but also school administration and boards) affect positively or negatively the lives of our children. Ultimately our society needs to decide how we can do right by all members of this country, rich and poor and those in between.
It should not be ok that people that want to work cannot find a job, families are homeless, without health care and cannot take care of their kids. Once these things in society are addressed than education reform can move forward and the youth in this country will be better off. Our society will be better for it as well.
The question remains, where do we go from here? Will society become more divided testing our humanity or will it pull together for the common good of all? I wish I had the answers but I do remain hopeful.

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  1. Mar 11-- I read your post and I too wonder how to affect change in how we see each other and relate to each other on a fundamental way. I am 75 and see the same hate, anger, distrust of those different from each other. Ministers are going to Africa and spreading hate in the disguise of following the bible. Gays are being beaten Killed at the suggestion of these people.It is the same as when I was a child, only then it was eyes and color and nationality. How can 10percent of the radicals lead so many to hate.... Preach FEAR They preach fear instead of LOVE Letting go of fear and accepting love as the path. It certainly changed my life as the years go by. Needs to be lived each day. NOW My comment for the day. R