Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have been doing a bit of pondering these last few weeks. I am enjoying summer. I have been going on lots of walks and bike rides. I am balancing the active body with the active mind. I am online quite a bit mostly just with social networking, email correspondence, bill paying and occasionally for fun. I have been reading books for pleasure as well as to learn about things that are new to me. In a month, I have a class on iPad's and using them in the classroom. The stores will be full of back to school supplies and my mind will once again be planning computer activities that are integrating the curriculum into my students learning.
In just over a week I will be visiting Costa Rica. I have preconceived ideas about the trip and the country, as many of us would. I am very much looking forward to the food (tropical fruits) and the rainforest plants and animals that we will be seeing. I am normally not a thrill seeker and I am unnerved by heights. This is a little out of my comfort zone but I am going to zip line across the forest canopy! It will probably be the best part of the trip :D The actual travel and being together with my daughter and mom is something else that I am honored to share.
I realize that one does not need to leave your home, state or country in order to have this excitement. An excellent book often will leave me with the feeling that I have traveled somewhere outside of my every day existence. I still get very giddy though with the idea of a "real trip". It is similar to going on a field trip with our students. There is something extraordinary about leaving home on an adventure. I will hope that you too have the opportunity this summer for a "real trip".

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