Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Coming and Going

Another school year has come and gone. Summer is a time of reflection, learning and renewal. It was a year of teaching that had challenges that were beyond my control and which I think surprisingly I dealt with pretty well. For the first time in my adult life, my job, my livelihood was in jeopardy. Although there are many people that are around giving support, showing concern, offering advice and boosting your confidence- they do not walk in your shoes. I think that the waiting to find out the status of your position, is the hardest part. We had 26 retirements in our school district, which ended up saving my position and those of my fellow teachers given layoff notices. Some of these teachers were not ready to retire yet but due to the political upheaval they thought it best for their financial future to retire now. I am most grateful to them. This next year our school district and others all across the United States will be faced with slashing teacher positions again. I don't kid myself in thinking that my position is safe. It is not, and until the economic downturn and the tide of funding education changes, teaching as a profession is a risky profession to be in.
We became "empty nesters" June 1st. The boys graduated from UW La Crosse with degrees in Computer Science. One son has another year left of graduate school for Software Engineering. The other son, we look forward to visiting in Minneapolis. He started his first post college job at a company called ImageTrend in Lakeville, MN. He is a web application designer/developer. It is quite exciting to think that he has grown into a man, works professionally doing something that he loves with a company that recognizes his talent. Our daughter has moved to La Crosse taking her brother's room and is working at Culver's. She starts as a freshman at UW La Crosse this fall. It is quite quiet in our house. Life does not revolve around our kids and their activities anymore. I am letting go and doing pretty well with it all I would say.
Some other news that I will pass on, I have an incredible trip that I am looking forward to taking with my mom and daughter. My mom's generosity has given us the chance to be adventure travelling in Costa Rica for 10 days in July. I have not been out of the States since 1985 and this is the first time for our daughter. It will be 3 generations together. We will have this trip to always remember with each other.
Upon my return I have a two day iPad class that I am signed up for. I will be teaching with iPads this upcoming school year. I would love more resources for kindergarten-2nd grade students that will integrate with our curriculum. Please post a comment/resource if you would be so kind.

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