Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Week Musings

The first week of school is in the books. I have attended many meetings, participated in scheduling my classes, got ready 3 labs that I will be teaching in and have taught all of the grade levels that I am working with this year. Things went very smoothly and I am ready for a good school year. There are 2 new iPad labs that I will be teaching with after MAP testing is done in October. I am scheduled to do two after school professional development classes for the staff on using iPads in the classroom. I have one combined kindergarten class of 28 students in a lab that I have just set up. It was suggested that we use my other lab at the school that has 20 computers for the students to use. I did not think that this the educational environment that best suited the students needs. We will see how this works. I felt it was very important that all students had the opportunity to use the mouse and actively participate in my class.
I have a schedule that I really like, staff that is excited to be working with a new principal and a great group of students that are ready to learn! I continue to work on some major changes that will affect my future. I have a very hopeful outlook and think that my prospects for new challenges are getting nearer to being a reality.

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