Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I am a goal setter and when I put my mind to doing something, even with setbacks, I try very hard to attain my goal. I am putting this out there for myself and anyone else that perchance might read this...I am setting a goal to be able to run and complete a half marathon race before I turn 50.
Now I have never been a runner before so this goal has some obstacles that I am going to need to work at. I started on Sunday with a 2 mile run. I am using an app from endomondo.com that allows for gps tracking of your distance and speed and then will save and post it where you want it to go. I can listen to music while I run and this app interrupts for a few seconds to give you the update. I know that this is going to be helpful to me.
When a person has a big goal like running a half marathon, it is best to break down your goal into smaller more manageable steps. I have a 5K race that is in my hometown on October 8th. This is a great way to begin. I have added onto the calendar what days are running days and how far I need to run to meet this challenge. It is reasonable to work towards a 10K by June or July depending on how the winter running in Wisconsin goes. I am not thinking at this time that a treadmill is in my future. We will see.
As a nonrunner, it was important to me to find out things about running that I did not know. I had no knowledge about running posture, cadence, breathing or any other running related information. There is great information and support out there if you go searching. I found out it is important to have a day of rest between your runs although doing other exercise is perfectly fine on the rest days. I also found out that it is very easy to overdo it and then to injure yourself. Who knew :D  ????? 
I bought myself a pair of designated running shoes and today I will be wearing them for the first time on another 2 mile run today. I have learned that you don't increase your distance too fast or again, you can set yourself back.
So, a step at a time (literally) plus patience and work will be needed to reach my goal. Here is to each and every one of us!!! May we work hard to reach the goals we set for ourselves.

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