Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Race weekend~part one

We had a great weekend! There really was only one glitch in the whole thing and that was the plane delay on the way out of Chicago. We ended up on a different plane and arrived 4 hours after our scheduled time.

Prior to leaving, I had made a craigslist connection with a stranger that was trustworthy and willing to hold  4 tickets to see Garrison Keillor ~ Prairie Home Companion at the Gammage in Tempe for us. Tickets had been sold out since early December and I was needing 4 seats together. The gentleman was going to be waiting at the airport for us. He had our flight information and saw we were delayed. He met us just outside security and we bought tickets from him for the show!!!

The rental car shuttle was waiting, the actual car was great and we arrived at the hotel and checked in with no problems at all! DH and I were hungry so we went across the street to a restaurant, sat on the patio, listened to a live musical performance and shared a  chicken almond salad and an appetizer plate. We went back to the airport a few hours later and picked up one of our sons that was coming in to share the weekend with us.

We had been awake since 4:30 a.m. and travel is tiring but I was really happy to stay up till the wee hours (2:20 a.m.) of the night/morning talking with our son. I am an early to rise, early to bed person but there is nothing better than a great conversation with your kids.

Saturday morning dawned and my husband and I walked 7 blocks to Matt's Big Breakfast in downtown Phoenix. It is a little hole in the wall place that I found online that had excellent reviews. People were waiting outside (50 degrees) for a spot. An hour or so later, we were eating at the counter. I had the best waffle, bacon and hash browns and my husband had eggs, toast, home fries and tomatoes. Luscious, simple, real food made with local ingredients...

After walking back to the hotel we picked up our son (he sleeps later and does not do breakfast) and headed across the street to the expo. It was only the second expo for a marathon that I have attended. It was very nice! They had a ton of free samples, lots of giveaways, easy check in and pick up of packet instructions and very helpful volunteers. We walked all the aisles and I think my husband and son enjoyed themselves too.

outside the expo

a ridiculous picture in front of a photo

We walked to a restaurant nearby the expo called 1130. We sat outside once again. With temperatures back at home in the negatives or single digits, we were going to be enjoying the warmth as much as we could. My husband and I shared a salad because I was still so full from breakfast.

We drove to Scottsdale and picked up my dad and headed over to Tempe for the concert. It was fabulous!! I am so happy that we had the chance to do this. DH has been a fan and a faithful listener for over 25 years. He introduced me to folk music, Public Radio and many of the shows that I find enjoyment listening on the radio to. We had unbelievable seats~ center, first row of the balcony...Here is a link to the live radio broadcast

We headed back to Scottsdale, picked up my step mom and went out once again for a magnificent meal. We ate dinner at La Fonda Del Sol in Scottsdale. The Mexican food and my frozen mango, strawberry margarita were delicious! We went back to the hotel and I showered and got my stuff together for the race in the morning. I am most often a good planner for races. This evening I was still debating and unsure of my breakfast/fueling plan for the next day.

To be continued...

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