Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter runs & being ready for marathon #2

It is a well known thing around my house that I do not like winter. I am a summer (or any other season) kind of gal. I have been training on a treadmill for my second marathon on January 20th. It remains to be seen how I do. I will tell you that running indoors out of the winter cold, wind and snow and ice is at this moment much preferable to me. I ran outdoors training last winter for a marathon that was supposed to be in May and I did it, but it was not enjoyable.
I don't have the same nervousness about whether I "can" finish the distance because I have done it. I am feeling a little apprehensive though about not running outdoors for awhile. I do the miles on the treadmill so theoretically my body is trained to go the distance. My brain is just going to have to believe that I am ready :) Fortunately, I am running in Arizona on a flat road with lots of people to offer encouragement. I thrive on the crowd support and the race energy.
I look forward to writing a race report afterwards. Meanwhile, winter could end and I won't miss it at all!

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