Sunday, December 23, 2012

new title, different focus

This past year has been one of change for me. I am focused on my physical heath in a very positive way. I have become a runner. I run for lots of reasons but mostly because it makes me feel good. I like that my body is strong and that my endurance is unimaginable compared to my younger days. To say that I am obsessed with running might be too strong of a word but I am certainly thinking about running a lot! The year started out with a bit of a disappointment. I had trained for my first marathon race in La Crosse, WI and it was unfortunately canceled due to thunderstorms in the area. I was able to participate in the half marathon since the roads were able to stay open with the delay of the start for the shorter distance. I am glad that I had signed up for a second marathon so that I had a full marathon race to look forward to.
I ran in one other half marathon race over the summer. I had surgery in June, rested and healed and started running again. This past October I completed my first marathon - the Medtronic's Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) Marathon. What a fantastic experience that was! I started looking for another marathon to do almost right away. I figured I was trained distance wise to run a race again and rather than starting from zero, why not run another marathon before spring? I am traveling to Arizona for the Rock n' Roll marathon mid January. I leave on a Friday and return on that Sunday so I will have the chance to visit with my dad who lives in the Scottsdale area for a bit.
I'm in the final weeks of training - just a month to go and we have WINTER in central Wisconsin! I am not a fan. Put me on a tropical island with the heat and humidity any day!! I have joined Snap Fitness center so that I can continue to run indoors on a treadmill. While the treadmill for many people is a boring piece of gym equipment, I embrace it. I like that I can set the speed, inline and time to run. I can be relatively comfortable and safe while getting in the mileage that I need for training.

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